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    国际实验动画论坛 “跨越本体”

    开幕时间:2016-10-18 16:30







    “当动画的本体在差异与重复中不断的构建,动画的传统意义也在以一种整体有机体的方式进行了自我的封闭。以时间为材料所构建的永恒本体论也展现出了它的局限性,现代社会每个人都将成为意义的构建者,资本主义的物化时代已经过渡到以视觉的类象化篡位社会本体基础的景观社会。艺术的在场成为某种文化形成的共谋关系,动画的本体意义也在这种不稳定结构中不断延异??缭奖咎?,即是一场完全开放的新的有机体运动??缭奖咎?,含有三个维度的意义,即——从实验动画自体规律深度探求本体,从实验动画媒介广度拓展本体,从实验动画精神性提升其哲学维度。 When the animation of the body in the difference and repetition of the constant construction, the traditional meaning of the animation is also a way of the whole organism in a closed. In time for the material construction of the eternal reality theory has also shown its limitations, for every person in the modern society will become the meaning of the construction, the era of capitalism has made the transition to in class in visual imagery usurper social ontology based on the society of the spectacle. The presence of art becomes a form of culture and the relationship between the formation of a certain culture, the animation of the meaning of the instability in the structure of the continuous extension of different. Across the body, it is a completely open new organism movement..Spanning the ontology, the significance of the three dimensions, that is, from the depth of the experimental animation to explore the depth of the body, from the scope of the experimental animation to expand the body, from the spirit of experimental animation to enhance the philosophical dimension.
    由四川美术学院主办、 四川美术学院新媒体艺术系承办。国际实验动画论坛“跨越本体”将于2016年10月18日9:00am在中国重庆·四川美术学院新媒体艺术中心、四川美术学院美术馆举行。届时,来自世界多国当代艺术家、策展人和评论家将出席论坛及展览开幕式。International experimental animation forum “crossing noumenon”will be held in new media arts centre and Gallery of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute of Chongqing, China, in October 18th, 2016. The forum is hosted by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and undertook by new media arts department of this institute. It will beginning at 9:00 am punctually. At that time, a number of contemporary artists, curators, critics from various countries in the world will attend this forum and the opening ceremony of exhibition.
    地处西南的四川美术学院,实验艺术精神根植于校,拥有不断开拓的艺术传统;在创新教学的实践中一直勇于承担,并取得了不俗的成绩。今天,新媒体艺术专业作为跟进艺术前沿,服务艺术创新,实现跨文化、跨领域艺术实践的前沿阵地,一直致力于多元性和开放性的学术态度。Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, which located in southwest of China, has experimental artistic spirit and pioneering spirit. In addition, it always braves to take responsibilities in creative teaching, and gets good grades. Today, as the forward position of following up arts front, serving artistic innovation and realizing cross-culture and interdisciplinary artistic practice, new media art major all through devoting to diversity and openness of academic study.
    国际实验动画论坛将分为论坛、展览、展映。新媒体艺术系注重引入世界前沿的艺术动向,与多国的艺术机构、艺术院校建立了稳定的互动交流机制,以国际艺术工作坊等多种形式开展跨域、跨境交流。本次“跨越本体”论坛期间将同期举办Sheila 工作坊、Brigitta 工作坊、刘健工作坊、丁世伟工作坊。International experimental animation forum will be divided into three partsforum, exhibition and screening. New media arts department values introducing world front art movements. So far, we have established stable interaction system with several art organizations, and implementing conversation of cross-domain, cross-border in the form of international arts workshop or others. During this forum, Sheila worshop、Brigitta workshop、Liu Jian workshop and Ding Shiwei workshop will be held at the same time.
    本次论坛为期14天,由艺术家鲁婷婷主持并参加论坛展览活动。展览作品共计50余件。论坛邀请四川美术学院相关领导作为嘉宾出席,参展艺术家与媒体代表共计约50余人。There are more than 50 pieces of exhibits and this forum will last 14 days. Artist Lu Tingting hosts and takes part in forum and exhibition, and leaders of Sichuan Fine Art Institute are invited to attend the forum as honored guests. Moreover, about 50 artists and media representatives in total will take part in the forum. 

    10月18日 19:00-21:30 雷磊 - 专题讲座 (小剧场)
    Speaker: Lei Lei ——seminar(little theatre)
    2016年10月19日  Dr Birgitta Hosea(英),Gerben Schermer(荷兰),Yves Nougarède(法),Sheila M. Sofian(美),专题放映(9:00-12:00 14:00-17:00 18:30-21:30)(小剧?。?br /> Time:19:00-21:30, Otc. 18th
    Speaker: Dr Birgitta Hoseathe Great Britain,Gerben SchermerNetherlands,Yves NougarèdeFrance,Sheila M. SofianUSA——special screening (little theatre)
    Time: 9:00-12:00 14:00-17:00 18:30-21:30, Otc. 19th
    10月18日-25日  Sheila 工作坊、Brigitta 工作坊、刘健工作坊、丁世伟工作坊
    Sheila workshop、Brigitta workshop、Liu Jian workshop、Ding Shiwei workshop
    Site: new media art department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute
    Time: Otc.18th - Otc.25th
    学术主持:段天然、Gerben Schermer(荷兰)

    设计方:SANS Innovation

    Leading group: Li Chuan, Nie Yuhong
    Chief inspector: Li Chuan
    Engineer and host: Lu Tingting
    Academic host: Duan Tianran, Gerben SchermerNetherlands
    Deputy director: Yu Guanghan
    Executive director:Sun Lijia,Xu Lin
    Total execution:Ning Jiawei,Zhang Haichao
    Responsible person of Diogital iomaging unit: Zhang Chiyang
    Unit host: Yu Yuxiao
    Curatorial assistant: Xing Xing, Li Juncheng, Zhang Ling
    Sponsor: Sichuan Fine Art Institute
    Organizer: new media art department of Sichuan Fine Art Institute
    Parter: Royal College of Art, Holland animation festival, Yachang art, China’s dependent animation forum, shanghai Lizi digital technology ltd.

    Design:SANS Innovation



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